The Benefits of Different Floor Types

Types of Flooring.

Flooring is a cover installed in homes to offer resistance to wear and tear caused by human movement and furniture movement. Flooring improves the look of your decor. There are different types of floorings that can make your home have a noticeable difference in its value and appearance.

Wood flooring. It is made from timber, oak.
It is very durable and can last for a long period of time. They can be refinished as many times as possible in their life time. They are also easy to clean, wear resistant and sturdy.

Wood flooring is expensive and when installing it needs more intensive labor.
The flooring do not retain enough heat.
Depending with season and temperature the wood floor may either expand or shrink.

Laminate flooring.

The laminate material is durable and flexible and thus it rarely fades its color.
It is normally resistant to water and stains.
Also it is easy to clean when it gets dirty.
The flooring is cheap compared to wood floor.
When installing, it is easy since you can opt to either glue or nail it over the subfloor.

In case it happens to discolor, it is impossible to refinish the laminate material.
And because it has a soft composition, when sharp objects falls on it and tear, it becomes a big challenge to have it repaired.

Porcelain tile flooring. It has hard glazed squares and it is used for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Porcelain tile is strong and durable.
They come in different colors and a variety of designs.
Also they are stain resistant.
When they wear out, you can easily replace the sections.
The flooring is easily cleaned and sterilized.

They have grout that can attract stains which are hard to get rid off.
They are usually hard on foot and therefore not appropriate when you need it for comfortable living areas.
They normally cause an echo effect that make the room noisy.

Vinyl flooring. They are a better option for your home kitchen and bathroom.

The flooring is durable and thus can last for a long period of time even with heavy foot traffic.
It is easy to clean.
The vinyl floor is great for those with kids since they are comfortable underfoot and they reduce the noise effect. It is cheap to buy and easy to install and maintain them.
They also come in a variety of colors that can match every decor in your home.

Cons of vinyl flooring.
They do not support heavy loads and can easily be destroyed by sharp objects. If they are exposed to direct sunlight their color fades and also the extreme temperatures damage the flooring, hence they are not advisable for outdoor uses.

Carpet flooring. It is a good choice for your home bedrooms and the living room.

You can choose from a variety of colors, styles and texture.
It help in noise reduction.
It increases insulation in the room.

It is not resistant to water and stains.
Carpets collect particles that accumulates in it leading to dampness.

The best flooring for your home is determined by your lifestyle and budget. With a variety of options to choose from, you can be assured to get a perfect and great flooring for your home rooms.