Arena Plus: Aaron Gordon's Defense

Aaron Gordon turns into a powerhouse defender with an impressive blend of strength, agility, and basketball intelligence. He significantly impacts the game on the defensive end, something few can match in the NBA.

Physical Attributes

Aaron Gordon's physicality makes him a standout defender. Here are a few attributes that contribute:

  • Height and Wingspan: Standing at 6'8" with a 6'11" wingspan, Gordon covers significant ground and disrupts passing lanes.
  • Athleticism: His quick lateral movement and explosive leaping ability allow him to guard multiple positions from the perimeter to the post.
  • Strength: Weighing 235 pounds, Gordon muscles up against bigger forwards and centers while retaining his speed.

Defensive Versatility

Gordon's versatility defines his defensive prowess. This versatility includes:

  • Guarding Multiple Positions: He can effectively defend positions 1 through 4, a rare trait that adds immense value to his team.
  • Switchability: His lateral quickness and strength enable seamless switches on pick-and-rolls, reducing mismatches.
  • Rim Protection: Gordon is not just a perimeter defender. He averages 0.6 blocks per game, providing secondary rim protection.

Defensive Impact

Aaron Gordon influences the game significantly on defense. The impact comes from these aspects:

  • Defensive Rating: When Gordon is on the court, his teams often showcase a much-improved defensive rating, sometimes as much as 5 points better.
  • Steals and Disruptions: Averaging around 0.9 steals per game, Gordon disrupts the opponent’s offense by forcing turnovers.
  • Box-Outs and Rebounds: He excels in securing defensive rebounds, averaging over 6.0 rebounds per game, limiting the opponent’s second-chance points.

Advanced Defensive Metrics

Analyzing advanced analytics sheds light on Gordon's elite defensive capabilities:

  • Defensive Win Shares (DWS): Gordon consistently posts a DWS of 2.0 or higher, indicating his significant contribution to his team's overall defensive success.
  • Defensive Box Plus/Minus (DBPM): With a DBPM often hovering around 1.5, Gordon positively influences defensive outcomes when he's on the court.
  • Defensive Player Impact Plus/Minus (D-PIPM): Regularly posting solid D-PIPM scores, Gordon demonstrates an overall positive impact on team defense, both in isolation and as part of a defensive unit.

Fans can always stay updated with arena plus to get more insights and detailed analyses about players like Aaron Gordon.

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