How is Zhenxi Fruit Juice Made?

Learn the production process

Production process of Zhenxi Fruit Juice The production started with the selection and inspection of fruits. With strict quality control in farming, each orange fruit we use is one that can meet the grade and don't you dare say apples or mangoes: this tropical treat are grown from selected orchards. These farms usually have to follow severe agricultural regulations in order for the fruits they produce over there are of a superior quality. A decision is made to look into ripening, color and sweetener compatability Oranges, for example must be 10 - 12 in sweetness on the Brix scale.

Techniques of extraction and filtration

After selecting the fruits and harvest, they are subject to a heavy washing purification in which dirt is literally scoured off and any chemical residue washed away. Fresh fruits are then transported to the extraction process and will be squeezed by a high quality juicer under 10°C controlled temperature environment (to maintain original taste of juice excretion, preserving fresh ness while preventing oxidation) The pulp and seeds containing juice then passes through high end filtration systems. The filtering technique ages janbhari ( this is the solidified product), and then process it into tails to ensure that the final product should be fine in appearance without spoiling nutritional content.

Concentration of value and Preservation

The juice found in some varieties of Zhenxi fruit juices are concentrated to save weight for shipping and aids in the increase shelf life. This is achieved by evaporating water in a low-temperature evaporation process under vacuum conditions. This method retains the flavor and nutritive goodness. This juice concentrate is then held under controlled temperature and filled in aseptic containers which enable it to retain the quality of fresh fruit juices, but can be kept for even upto 6 months without chilling.

Packaging Innovations

Packaging is a very important stage in the process of Zhenxi fruit juice from food factory to consumer. Eco-friendly packaging for keeping juices fresh and supporting sustainability by the company. Light -Weight : For eco-friendly option, these bottles are Night that is used commonly made from recycled materials to offer weight reduction in shipping costs and carbon footprint. Every bottle is sealed and pasteurized to keep the juice fresh for longer periods.

Checking and Delivering Quality

Each batch of juice is subject to stringent quality control before leaving the plant. These tests are: Microbial analysis, pH balance and consistency checks. After passing these strict tests, only then the juices are marked and distributed. To deliver its products to retailers and consumers with the highest freshness standards, Zhenxi has a quick distribution network. Juices must take as little time to travel from the production line, through distribution centres and into consumer fridges with end-consumers receiving their goods in 48-72 hours of them being produced.

Customer Reviews and Continuous Development

Zhenxi has taken charge in collaborating with its market to collect insights and advance products. This feedback loop allows the company to adjust its flavors and launch new products by market demand So, for example, if customers don't want so much sugar anymore we'll still come up with a new line of low-sugar juices next season.

The production of zhenxi fruit juice is to combine traditional juicing technology with modern technology and create a new art. This guarantees the freshest possible tasting juice and that every bottle of juice complies with exact standards for both quality & sustainability. This detailed and thorough approach is what allows Zhenxi to remain one of the best fruit juice producers on the market.

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